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laptop stand

Proizvođač: PS

Šifra: ID-U0

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Odlicno ergonomsko postolje za vas laptop racunar sa 6 pozicija

coulor: gray white match black,gray white,
material : ABS,
1.six gears adjustable setting positiotion
2.compatibal with most notebook PC .
3.Provides a more comfortable typing position .
4. Improves overall posture .
5.separable modules extend other supplement functions.

6.Brings the screen within proper viewing range.

7.Relieves back ,neck, and eye strain.

8.specification: Height Adjustable Laptop Stand Places laptop in a comfortable position.Stabilizing front edge prevents sliding while adjustable tilt customizes your viewing angle.Adjusts from 4-1/2'' to 6-1/2'' above desktop .Nonskid rubber feet.SmartStand improves ergonomics for laptop users-instant.

The goal of ergonomics is to reduce or eliminate physical stress on the human body.When humans experience excessive amounts of repetitive stress,injury or disorder-such as carpal tunnel syndrome,back pain,and tendonitis-can occur.For instance,Degenerative Joint Disease in the cervical vertebrace (neck) can develop within three years ,affecting anyone who uses a laptop .Proper ergonomics lower health risks.

PS laptop stand

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