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Proizvođač: N-VIDIA

Šifra: GeForce 8400M GT G86-603-A2

Dostupnost: Trenutno nije dostupno

The NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT G86M G86-603-A2 is graphic processor of BGA chipset . so it can substitute G86-630-A2 with more excellent performance.

NVidia GeForce 8400M GT G86-603-A2 is the DirectX 10 capable successor of the GeForce Go 7400 for laptops and technologically a slower 8600M GS video card. The performance is slightly above the 7400 and therefore it can represent current games fluently with reduced details / resolutions. For people who play occasionally, it may be sufficient.

N-VIDIA G86-603-A2

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